School is important for your child for the nourishment of the body and brain. It plays an important role in the development of child. So, obviously it is very important for your child to go to school as it is the best place for your kid to learn more about the environment, how to meet people and how to make new friends. All these things matter a lot in the development of the child. Along with all the physical and mental activities at school, your child also needs to cope up with the religion. So, we happen to be the school, which not only provide you all the basic education of the world but also enlighten your child with the education of Christianity and the laws of bible so that your child can be a perfection both in the world and the religion.

We provide your child all the basic facilities and the chances which your child may need. A lot is needed to come up in the society and to be yourself. We focus on developing the confidence in the students so that they feel no hesitation when they are facing the world. You can enroll your kid in junior or high schools Lilydale. We provide the education till high school from the beginning of school life of your kid. Our school has top-class facilities and we are sure that your kid will love all of it. We have state of the art computer labs which are essential for the students to get technologically advanced. There is a theatre in which the students perform on various events to develop competition and say things to the whole audience. We also have a chapel for students in which they will be focused on getting the religious education and will be inspired by the events happened in the life of Jesus.

The campus of the school is a spacious building having different departments and labs. Our main focus is to provide the quality education to the kids along with the religious education and to make them a better person for this world. There is a huge Oxley stadium which is for all the mega sports events. A library for the students where they can find book of all sorts including science, mathematics, history, bible and so on. If you want to know more about the school and the building, then we can arrange a tour for you so that you can know more about the school. Plus, if you bring your child along with you then it is the best thing because your kid will experience the environment and style of the school himself. Go right here to find out more details.

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