SO you finally graduated, completed your professional experiences and qualification and you are ready to start on your new job. Congratulations! It’s safe to say that the first part of your mission is successfully completed. Sit back and relax, well not for long. Before long, your colleagues and friends will be two steps ahead of you. Same reality applies for professionals with senior professionals. This is where continuing professional development fits in. This is a continuing procedure and evolves throughout the professional career. So what is continued professional development? Let us answer the FAQs for you.

What is continued professional development?

Continued professional development is a blend of methodologies, concepts and strategies that will help you deal with your own learning and development. The concentrate of CPD programs is solely on results – the advantages of professional development on your career. Continued Professional Development involves more than simply learning which are to a great extent connected with taking courses and following lectures. Continued Professional Development happens in various settings and through different exercises. It doesn’t just include taking a refresher course or two, however participating in less organized, more hands on, for example, at job specific or industry placement.

How is it different from training and development?

These terms are regularly used correspondingly, however there is a difference. In principle, training is formal and direct. It’s to do with figuring out how to accomplish something particular, with regard to expertise and capability. Training can be as straightforward as learning how to use a specific soft wear and as mind boggling as figuring out how to be a pilot. Development is usually casual and has a more extensive application, giving you the skills to do a scope of things and linked to ability and competency. It includes movement from fundamental know-how to more progressed, develop or complex understanding. On the other hand it can be about efficient CPD courses on polishing your soft skills such as effective management of a team.

How can continued professional development help you and your company?

By following a structurally planned continuous learning program right through your career, you will be able to perform your tasks more responsibly, stay a step or two ahead of your colleagues and boost up your self-confidence. These programs also build up your expert capacity and upgrade your reputation. In addition, the association you work for can profit by your dedication to Continuing Professional Development, as this improve workplace performance, boost staff morale and increase productivity of your teammates.

Continued Professional Development Faqs

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